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"To find GODL, first you must seek"

What is the total supply?

There will only ever be 303 Deragods in existence. These gods would end up creating cyberspaces of their own which will be ruled by their laws of physics, chemistry, and sciences yet to be seen or heard by any in all of the Hedera ecosystem and beyond.

Why Hedera?

The Deragods chose Hedera Hashgraph as the top Decentralized Ledger Technology that supersedes the blockchain due to its underlying consensus algorithm for laser-fast transactions and trustworthy security. Doing all of this while being carbon negative is proof of the vibrant nature of the technology. The Deragods believe Hedera Hashgraph is highly undervalued and are working to shed some light on the community.

When it will be launched?

The launch date would be updated in the community, So follow our Twitter & Discord for regular updates!

Why Deragods?

Deragods were born out of the need for Hedera Hashgraph to become a supreme Decentralized Ledger Technology protocol. Hedera Hashgraph clearly supersedes most if not all of the top 10 cryptocurrencies as the most secure and most efficient protocol by all mathematical computations but its reach has been limited. The people's cry for the recognition of hedera manifested the gods in the metaverse whose sole purpose is spreading the gospel of hedera to the masses.

What is the utility?

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What are the funds used for?

100% of proceeds go to Plutopeer Ventures, a web3 venture capitalist firm that would manage the asset allocation and distribution spanning across multi-chains and metaverses in order to bring our big plans to fruition.

What is the faith scale tax system?

The faith scale tax system is a taxing mechanism we are working on in order to bless holders of our NFT by how much faith they have in the project. This scale system would be allocated to each holder based on their overall online presence, their comments on the project, the length of holding our NFTs, shilling, and many more effective strategies yet to be announced.

What are the secondary royalties and how will they be used?

Plutopeer Ventures would receive 8% of all secondary sales. These proceeds would be used to effectively run the smooth operation of the protocol by hiring more employees, funding operations, and delivering more value to our robust community.

How can I join the whitelist?

Our whitelist system is open to all but only a few will be selected. To get an opportunity, explore the community and your loyalty to Hedera Hashgraph will be tested. Namaste.