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Only followers of Hedera should proceed.

What is DeraGods?

DeraGods is a unique collection of digital collectible gods who exist to create an immersive and engaging world in the metaverse and its digital ecosystem counterpart for holders.
This NFT collection encapsulates what it means to be a god. Creation of worlds through the metaverse, governance of that world through our unique NFT-token integration, freedom of expression and imagination, and circumventing all the limited impossibilities in the physical realm making it an unlimited reality in the digital realm with tangible benefits.
"use blockchain to break chains."


It's the duty of DeraGods to build, secure & acquire virtual assets in the best part of the metaverse, its digital ecosystem counterparts, and beyond so we can create a paradise for every believer of the project.
Plutopeer Ventures will see to the development of this virtual world.
Developing a digital paradise is essential because we realize the infinite possibilities, and we want to establish a platform that allows every community member to manifest their ideas on Web3. Holders require a boundless space free from the limited laws of nature, which gives us true freedom to become anything we desire.
"BUIDLRS will always BUIDL disregarding caste, walls or conditions of the market."


Using resources from our community treasury to manifest ideas each & every God has as long as the Council approves the proposal.
"from the pain and anger of being controlled and ignored, we emerged from the triple darkness of the blockchain to break all chains."
Why not? Hedera is clearly the most undervalued asset right now. Our community will do all in its power to push the gospel into the necessary exchanges, companies, and communities. In return for our collaborated efforts, we expect growth in the Hedera ecosystem.

The problem

As heavy supporters of Hedera, we noticed that Hedera hasn't been gaining a fair amount of publicity. For example, Hedera is not listed on a major exchange like Coinbase(now listed). Also highly anticipated by the Hedera community, "", which key industry creators of Hedera founded, chose Ethereum as their protocol of choice because the latter is more popular. This betrayal by the core team caused a rift in the triple darkness of the metaverse that forced the DeraGods to come out of their humble abode and make themselves manifest to those who had expected and now want to take the project to the highest level attainable.

The solution

Crusades: This project decided to achieve this by launching crusades. Crusade is a global campaign on spreading the use cases of Hedera at locations we call hotspots. We plan on doing this by simultaneously showing the infinite possibilities, creativity, and solidarity of the Hedera community. By implementing strategic solutions to worldwide issues through our metaversal analysis, we can achieve detailed results from the robust infrastructures we have set up over the years in cryptocurrency.
Also, we plan on putting up billboards, and organizing rallies, seminars, charity drives, and other creative community-building outlets at important centres of the world #Hederafirst. These places include:
  • London
  • Lagos
  • New York
  • Johannesburg
  • Amsterdam
and many more...
Our global team has partnered with the most brilliant minds worldwide, with more being added to our council to vote on where to spread the word.


A % of the NFT sales will go to purchasing/building virtual assets. These virtual assets may include but are not limited to virtual land, DApps, liquidity pools, games etc. Holders automatically become members of our DAO. Growth & Development is invigorated for the community for our holders from solving most of the problems that stunt the rise of the #HBARNFT ecosystem.
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